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Staples High School, Westport CT


Drew Friedman Community Arts Center Scholarships

The DFCAC will be awarding $5,000 individual scholarships in 2020 to Staples High School students pursuing arts education at any level including college, community college or a private arts institution. 

For more information on this opportunity view the DFCAC Scholarship form.

CAEA 2019 Regional Scholastic Award Winners

Congrats to Staples students receiving 2019 Scholastic Art Awards!


Natalie Lepska  Gold Key Award, Painting

Mariella Alderucci  Honorable Mention

Henry Koskoff  Honorable Mention

Left, Natalie Lepska Gold Key painting; Mariella Alderucci holding her Honorable Mention entry; Bottom right, Henry Koskoff Honorable Mention piece

"Painting Big" Mural